About the 3v3 World Cup Tournament

Our first 3v3 tournament in the Spring of 2010 was a spectacular success. Players thoroughly en- joyed the experience and asked that we do more tournaments each year and we have. The 3v3 tournament continues to grow and is held twice yearly, in the Spring and Fall.

The tournament is very focused on the players. This is why a "small-sided" 3v3 format was selected. With a short duration and a small pitch (field), 3v3 offers players a lot of chances to get the ball and try their skills in a competitive environment. Goals are set up "off the pitch" and back 5 yards from the goal line. This eliminates the need for goalkeepers and the small goals require significant problem solving and teamwork to score.

To provide for some rest, each player takes their turn "out" for 3 minutes of the 12 minute match. The referee rotates each player in turn near the 3 minute mark. This allows for a fair rotation and avoids the problems with substituting players.

Somewhat uniquely, no coaches orcoaching is permitted. The greatest players in the game often developed much of their skill from playing "street soccer" where they simply found other children, a ball, made up the rules for specif- ic pitch they could find (often a real street). Then, they simply played a lot.

In today's highly organized youth sports, we sometimes forget the simple need for children to learn to work things out for themselves and develop those critical problem solving skills as they face challenges. In street soccer, they solve their own problems, try new things on their own, learn to work with their teammate and simply play.

Sometimes, the level of play gets a bit ugly and it does not look like soccer as we see on TV. Mistakes will be made. But just like a small infant learning to walk, it's those mistakes that teach the baby what didn't work...and helps them to learn.

This 3v3 tournament tries to help focus back on the players and let the spectators simply watch and enjoy the joy, excitement, and growth of the children as they improve throughout the day, teaching themselves some of the most valuable skills in soccer.


The Juneau Soccer Club's primary mission is to provide youth soccer players with opportunities to build character and develop life skills while learning how to play the world's most popular game - soccer. New members are always welcome.