Juneau Soccer Club 3v3 World Cup

The 3v3 page is making way for the Real World Cup.

The Women will battle over the course of a month and you can see some excellent football. The US Women have a great chance to win a 4th World Cup. Cheer them on.

The official FIFA page is located HERE.

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JSC 3v3 World Cup (Fall 2019)
NOV 16/17th, 2019

Registration is Closed



* 2004 is only for 8th graders. No High School aged participants.

Note: Age brackets are based purely by birth year, not grade.

** Check-in deadlines are very strict. Don't be late.

Registered, but still need to pay? Click HERE


- Single day small-sided soccer tournament, open to all.

- Teams consist of 4 players, 3 on the pitch with rotating substitution.

- Match durations are 12 minutes each.

- Pitch is 15 x 30 yards and goals are miniature.

- Players are guaranteed at least five matches and may go more, depending on team performance in the knock-out round.

- Players check-in time on tournament day will be posted. This is a strict deadline. If you are late (even for one second), your spot may be given up to someone on the wait list. Don't be late!

- Team assignments are announced on match day. Teams are assigned based on a balanced, blind-draw system that accounts for experience and listed skill levels. Match schedules will be provided on match day.

- Tournament is a first come, first served signup. Once an age group is filled, players go to a waiting list. So don't delay in signing up. Also, all registration fees need to be paid by the registration deadline or your spot may be given to a wait-listed player.

- Registration: Tournament fee is $35 and includes the tournament T-shirt.

- The tournament is a long event. Players NEED to be prepared to remain with their team for the full duration.

- Players will only compete on one day, depending on their age bracket. Check brackets above.

Those needing a hardcopy registration form, please click HERE.

Questions: Contact the Tournament Director (Carl Ferlauto) at JSCsoccerPresident@gmail.com