Juneau RUSH


Juneau Soccer Club
Announces the addition of
Juneau Rush

The Juneau Soccer Club (JSC) is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership with the Alaska Rush Soccer Club. This partnership establishes the "Juneau Rush" as the competitive component of JSC's overall player development program. JSC will continue to operate all the programs we have in the past including our Advanced Training Program for high school aged players as well as our Pre-Competitive, Developmental, and Academy programs for younger players.

Partnering will provide extensive resources and opportunities for JSC coaching staff as well as access to top national level coaches for camps and clinics, including events hosted in Juneau. Most importantly, the partnership opens opportunities for JSC's competitive players (U12 to U19) to participate as guest players or train with any Rush team in the country. Juneau Rush players will also have access to the Rush Select program, which brings together U13-17aged players that compete at elite and international events with other Rush players from around the country. Additionally, our U12 players will have the opportunity to compete at the annual event known as RushFest in Colorado. They can join other U12 Rush team (national and international), either individually or as a team. Other opportunities include, but are not limited to; in-state and out-of-state camps, college advisory programs, and reduced travel and lodging costs. To learn about other exciting Rush programs now open to JSC, visit www.rushsoccer.com or www.alaskarush.com.

JSC/Juneau Rush is pleased to work with Alaska Rush to take advantage of the synergy between our programs and to maximize the opportunities for our players both in Alaska and out of state. The addition of Juneau Rush to our program is a natural progression to further JSC's mission "To foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth and development of Juneau's youth through the sport of soccer at all levels and ages." We are excited the possibilities that this new program offers and looking forward to watching our players grow.

PDF of the Announcement


Gear can now be purchased by players/families online and Capelli will ship directly to you.

As in years past, JSC will continue to supply uniform tops to players when events occur, but players and families are responsible for ordering their own shorts and socks. Capelli offers all kinds of gear for purchase that families can purchase if they wish.

At a minimum. players need one white and one blue set of shorts, along with one white and one blue pair of socks.

Here's a picture of what is needed at a minimum

This link will get you to the Juneu Capelli Store https://teams.capellisport.com/RushJAOPTO

Once there, for boys sizing, you'll want to click the button that says BOYS MANDATORY COMPETITIVE KIT, for girls sizing, you'll click the button that says GIRLS MANDATORY COMPETITIVE KIT.

We don't control their website, so please remember that the shorts and socks are the only things we (JSC) are having as a MANDATORY purchase.