Parent Resources

Please bring your PRINTED AND SIGNED WAIVERS to the first week of practice.

Although JSC acknowledges required waivers online, WE NEED PRINTED AND SIGNED VERSIONS on file.

The hardcopy waivers allow us to have certain, time-critical procedures done in the event of an emergency. We keep the copies at the practice facilities for availabily in the event of an emergency.

Example: In the unlikely event of a player breaking a leg badly, this allows the paramedics to take immediate action instead of having to wait for a parent to drive out to the Field House to grant permission.

If you do not print as you register, just click on the member login box on the JSC web site home page to log in.

When you first log in you go to the "My Member Account" screen.

To print waivers, first click on "My Registrations". Then click on "Print Form" Be sure to sign!

Thank you.


This program is partially funded by the citizens of the City and Borough of Juneau through sales tax revenues.