Fundraising General Information

The JSC Policies and Procedures Manual ( covers many questions about Fundraising.

As a general rule, ALL team fundraising needs to be approved by the JSC Board who ensures that the activity is:
- Covered by our insurance
- Does not conflict with JSC or another team's fundraiser
- Is in keeping with the spirit of our mission
- Supported with any historical information, how-to guides, or assistance that the Board can provide.

The following list includes the activities that are pre-approved by the Board and do NOT require specific permission. If unsure or in doubt, run it by the Board.

Pre-Approved Team Fundraising Activities (5/10/2016):
- Garage Sales;
- Receipt of food stuff donations and sales of those foods and drinks;
- Food drives;
- Donations from local businesses (not during Clubwide fundraising times);
- Car washes;
- Working concessions at the JSC 3v3 World Cup;
- Holiday gift wrapping;

This list is not intended to be comprehensive and will be added to as new initiatives are reviewed by the Board.

JSC LITTER FREE - 21 MAY 2016 (9am to 12pm)


The Juneau Soccer Club's annual Litter Pick-up Fund-raiser will be scheduled for this SPRING. This fund-raiser helps the soccer club keep annual dues down and pay for equipment, coaches and travel. Please consider spending an hour or two with family members picking up litter in the Mendenhall Valley to raise money for the club. It's a great way to help support soccer in Juneau and also keep our community clean! The fund-raiser generates $10 an hour per person who works during the litter pick up, so it helps to invite family members and friends.

There will be a collection site set up and safety equipment/supplies handed out. Stop by to get litter bags and to drop off all the trash you've collected. Make sure all your hours of litter pick up are recorded.

Fundraisers like this are how we keep Membership Fees low.


This program is partially funded by the citizens of the City and Borough of Juneau through sales tax revenues.