Juneau Soccer Club - Juggling Club

One week, once a month, JSC players will have the opportunity to juggle at the skills, ATP and team sessions in an attempt to reach a new level in their juggling ability (This will occur during the last week of each month). For 10 minutes at each of these club sessions, players can try to see how high they can juggle the soccer ball. For their efforts, those who reach new levels will receive a prize the following month. Why Juggle? Because juggling can significantly improve your game in many different ways! Your touch on the ball is vital to the game of soccer. If you can juggle the ball consistently, you are more likely to be consistent when receiving and distributing the ball in games. It's a great way for you to learn how the ball reacts to different touches and surfaces. Juggling can also improve your confidence on the ball.

Below are the levels and corresponding prizes:

25 Rookie JSJC wristband
50 Copper

JSJC waterbottle

100 Bronze JSJC T-shirt
200 Silver Mini-ball
300 Gold JSJC Training Top
500 Platinum JSJC pull-over
750+ Juggling Hall of Fame

25 Rookie 50 Copper 100 Bronze 200 Silver
Rhys U17 25 Elias U16 101
Jonah U15 25 KD U16 223
Justin U16 283
Calley U16 26
Eric U13 26 Stuart U17 116
Kanon U12 26
Dylan U16 27
Patrick U15 28
Bekka U16 29 Franky U16 64
Nolan U11 30
Eliza U16 31
Miranda U14 32 Ben U15 76
Rylee U14 38 Manase U15 78
Shane U15 38 Oswaldo U14 89
Leo U17 98
Amber U14 41
300 Gold 500 Platinum 750+
Nick U16 302 Riley U19 655 Michael U15 895
Ezra U14 332 Jackson N 955
Tommy U17 357 Max S 1112
Jackson L. U17 367 Peter J 1160
Elissa 1,252