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2018-2019 JSC Programs

Age Groups: JSC 00 through JSC 14

The numbers after JSC have to do with age-groups = Birth Year.

All Age Groups are by Birth Year,meaning players will be grouped by January 1 to December 31 birthdates. This is a nation-wide ruling that all USYSA clubs started adhering to in the fall of 2016. No longer will teams be formed by typical school guidelines. Teams will now have at least two grade-levels represented in every age-group. So a girl born in 2010 is a JSC10 Girl. Boy born in 2004 is a JSC04 Boy.


ACADEMY: JSC 12, 13 and 14

The JSC offers three "seasons" for this group, they are: October-December (Fall Academy), January - March (Winter Academy), and April - June (Spring Academy). This group typically has one session per week. Players will be learning fundamental techniques (dribbling, ball control, shooting, etc.) in a fun yet challenging environment. We look to have no more than one player to a ball, thus emphasizing quantity of touches and ensuring little to no "standing around" time. FY19 Fees remain $50 per season.


This group typically has one session per week, October-August. Players will be learning fundamental techniques (dribbling, ball control, shooting, etc.) in a fun yet challenging environment. The purpose of this training is to give players "confidence on the ball" and provide the tools needed to thoroughly enjoy the game. FY19 Fees are $140 for the year.

PRE-COMPETITIVE: JSC 08, and 09 (**JSC 10)

This group typically has two sessions per week, one during the week and one on the weekend. Players continue learning fundamental techniques (dribbling, ball control, shooting, etc.) in a fun yet challenging environment, but the program also provides more challenging elements for advanced players in a team setting. FY19 are $200 for the year.

COMPETITIVE: JSC 04, 05, 06, and 07 (**JSC 08)

This program focuses on continued development of individual soccer skills and goal keeping while adding "advanced training" concepts of individual and team play. Players start practicing as a competitive team and are eligible for travel to competitive events. FY19 Fees are $420 for the year.


For this age group during October-February, an Advanced Training Program will be conducted for our boys and girls members during the week, followed by a session on the weekend. The fee for the Advanced Training Program will be (FY19 Fees are $200 for the year.) Age-group teams may still decide to compete in summer tournaments, for which JSC will provide additional training. Players forming a team and going into tournament competition will pay an additional $50 fee to cover the added months.

** JSC 10 and the JSC 08 members have two options for JSC programs this year, as we are offering these age-groups the ability to choose which program they feel is right for their child. JSC 10's can choose the Developmental Program or Pre-Competitive Program. The JSC 08's can choose the Pre-Competitive Program or Competitive Program.

TRYING JSC: Some players are not sure if JSC will be a good fit for them, so it makes sense to let prospetive players try a couple of JSC training sessions to see what it's about. Working through the respective coach, schedule a session and bring a filled out copy of this FORM FY19_PracticeWaiver.pdf to the practice.

PLEASE NOTE: Conflict or Complaints Procedure -

If something needs to be resolved, JSC has a procedure that is very effective and is set up to be followed by all members of the club. It can be found under Section 8.3 of the Policies and Procedures or via this link. If the issue is worth talking to someone about, then it should follow the procedure.

Financial Assistance Information

Although registration coincides with the payout from the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend, some families are challenged to pay the registration fees at the beginning of the season. Using the scholarship form, requests to make installments for the fee may be made. This is a preferred way to help families out, preserving the scholarship budget for those who really need it.

Scholarships are available to help cover the registration fee for families who might otherwise have difficulty paying the registration fee. Two sources of membership scholarships are available:

  1. Irene & Anne Shima Memorial Fund , which is supported by JSC (generally limited to 50% of Annual Membership Fee) Note; Each request is considered on a case-by-case basis and specifics may be provided on the form to support requests above 50%).
  2. CBJ Parks & Recreation Youth Scholarship Program (up to $100 per player)

To apply for a JSC/Irene & Anne Shima Memorial Fund scholarship: Submit a JSC Scholarship Request. A copy can be downloaded HERE.

To apply for the CBJ Parks & Recreation scholarship: Download the scholarship application form from the CBJ Youth Scholarship Program and follow the instructions to apply for that program.

It is not necessary to apply to the CBJ in order to qualify for the JSC/Irene and Anne Shima Memorial Fund Scholarship. Funds for both programs are limited, so we encourage those interested to apply in a timely manner.

TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS: Limited scholarships for competitive travel may be available. Contact your team coach, manager, or scholarship committee chair whose email is HERE.

This program is partially funded by the citizens of the City and Borough of Juneau through sales tax revenues.


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2018-2019 Season


This program is partially funded by the citizens of the City and Borough of Juneau through sales tax revenues.