09-11 JUNE 2017


Spring Event
APR 07-09

Update 31 MAY

Whitehorse Exchange is Friday to Sunday, 07- 09 April.

Update 02 APR: We are in good shape to fit on the Allen Marine boat and the bus to/from Whitehorse. GET YOUR PAPERWORK FOR PLAYERS COMPLETED. MANAGERS SHOULD BE COLLECTED BEFORE DEPARTURE. (see Border Crossing Documents below)

NOTE: Without the appropriate paperwork, players will not be allowed to sail on the ferry. Don't forget to bring the Consent Letter (required for ALL players) and the Border documents for players travelling with the Group on the bus.

The ferry M/V LeConte is scheduled to sail:

- North on FRI the 7th, departing at 7:00 am. Arrives Skagway at 1:00pm
WE GATHER AT THE AMHS TERMINAL AT 5:30am. This is a requirement of the group travel as we are going to be boarded as one group.

The Allen Marine Charter is scheduled to sail:

- South on SUN the 9th, departing 4:00pm. Arrives Juneau at 7:00pm (tentative)
- Boat will dock in Statter Harbor (Auke Bay Harbor).

Other options for travelers and/or vehicles:

-AMHS LeConte: Depart Skagway Monday 10 APR 9am - Arrive JNU 3pm

-AMHS Malaspina: Depart Skagway Monday 10 APR 7:45pm - Arrive JNU 3:15am

- Alaska Seaplanes SKG - JNU (ph: 789-3331):
Chartered - Caravan (Seats 9): $1,935 ($215/seat, if full)
Chartered - Chieftan (Seats 8): $1,123 ($141/seat, if full)
Scheduled flight (12pm, 3:10pm, 4:55pm): $135/seat

Be sure to work through your TEAM MANAGERS as Teams may have other information or requirements. The following is some general information to assist, but if in doubt, ask your team manager.

- BORDER CROSSING DOCUMENTS. As a general rule, all adults need passports and minors need a birth certificate (a passport is easier, if they have one) and possibly more if they are not travelling with both parents. See links below:

USA: https://www.cbp.gov/travel/us-citizens/western-hemisphere-travel-initiative

CANADA: http://can-am.gc.ca/consular_services_consulaires/border-frontiere.aspx

Any players planning to travel on a foreign passport, please notify your Team Manager immediately.

Prohibited at Canadian Border:
Prohibited at USA Border:

Consent Letter: The consent letter for Whitehorse Exchange is HERE. This letter covers border crossings and also medical release issues which have been recommended for any treatment in Canada. Based on direct discussions with Customs & Border Protection (CBP) at the Canadian border, they suggest that the forms be notarized, but are not required. If a Notary cannot find room on the front, they can notarize the back of the letter. Note: Notarization is less of an issue when the child is travelling with the Group.

JSC has contracted with the same Yukon bus company to provide transporation for the core group (players, coaches) to and from Whitehorse.

AMHS Ferry NORTH (1-Way):
- Players < 11yrs: $15.00 (Updated)
- Players 12+ yrs: $29.00 (Updated)
- Non-Players @ regular AMHS rate: $57.00 (12yr+)
(same for player travel outside of the group)

Allen Marine SOUTH (1-Way):
- All Players: $45.00
- Non-Players: $55.00

Chartered Bus Transport
- All Players: $27.00 each way
- Non-Players: $32.00 each way
Note: No last minute changes. Lock in with your Team Manager.

Tournament Fee: $30 per player

Payment for Bus, Allen Marine, Tournament Fee, Team Hotel costs will be through the Team. AMHS Ferry costs for players through the Team. Non-player AMHS should be paid directly to AMHS. If you have not reserved a space for non-players, do so immediately.

Estimates for Hotel, Team Expenses, etc: Please contact your Team Manager or Travel Coordinator

Due to the change to AMHS Ferry, we will be relaxing the GROUP travel requirements for this year. Players and Coaches travelling North with the Group on Friday 07 APR will be booked via JSC reservation. All others should make their own reservations for transport on AMHS.

Travelling South on Allen Marine, reservations will be made via Team Managers/Coordinators to JSC and we will be posting a confirmation list, once finalized. Any AMHS travel on Monday needs to be made by the people travelling.

We are updating the policy document and will post in the next few days. Discussion and more detailed information can be found in the linked document HERE.

If you are interested in being on the Tournament Committee or just want to lend a hand on one of the tasks, please contact the tournament director - Carl Ferlauto at cferlauto@hecla-mining.com.


Parents- For general questions, please work with your team managers and coaches so that they remain as current on questions/issues as possible.

Managers/Coaches- Please bring us your questions so that we can keep you all informed. Tournament Director EMAIL

Whitehorse Exchange Information

2015 Whitehorse Exchange Soccer Tournament

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