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Juneau Soccer Club  FAQs

Q: Which group is my child in?

A: Groups are based on birth year:

2015-2017:  Academy

2013-2014:  Pre-Comp

2007-2017:  Competitive

Q: What do Juneau Soccer Club membership fees cover?

A: JSC fees cover the basics of running a year-round high-quality competitive youth soccer program in Juneau. Included are:  400+ hours rental of Dimond Park Field House, gym and outdoor field rental, Alaska Youth Soccer Association dues (includes insurance), contract for Director of Coaching, modest competitive team coach stipends, and coach licensing training.

In recent years JSC has also been able to provide competitive team uniforms, practice shirts and t-shirts, balls, goals, and other equipment through an annual CBJ youth activity grant.  

JSC membership fees do not cover the cost of competitive team travel.  Competitive Teams' families typically cover those costs by using JSC fundraisers to help pay individual players' shares, holding team fundraisers throughout the year, or paying out-of-pocket. Travel costs to tournaments can be around $1,000 per player depending on tournament location and lodging costs.

Q: Do I really need to pay my fees at the time of registration?

A: Registration & Payment is due for the first practice.  For those new to the club and who would like to try out soccer prior to signing up, we offer two free practices.  Please email us at to inquire about this option.

Q: Does Juneau Soccer Club offer scholarships to players unable to pay membership fees?

A: JSC does have a financial assistance program that covers up to 50% of the membership fee for a limited number of players. Each situation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. JSC also has a dedicated fund to help scholarship players with team travel costs. Two sources of scholarships are available:

1) The Irene & Anne Shima Memorial Fund - supported by JSC and generally limited to 50% of the membership fee.
2) CBJ Parks & Recreation Youth Scholarship Program - up to $100 per player

For instructions for applying for these scholarships see the JSC scholarship page HERE

Q: What is "ODP"?

A: ODP stands for Olympic Development Program. It is a US Youth Soccer program to identify and train a pool of players in each age group for Youth National Teams. Each year Alaska Youth Soccer Association puts together 5 ODP teams of 18 players each in the 12-16-year-old age groups for both boys and girls. The age groups are grouped by calendar birth year - 94's, 95's, 96's, etc. In Alaska, we have a slightly expanded version called Alaska Development Program (ADP) which offers a few more opportunities for advanced players.

Tryouts for the Alaska ODP pool occur in the fall in Juneau. Participation in ODP has significant additional costs beyond JSC membership fees. See the AYSA or Region IV websites for more information.

Q: I have a complaint, who do I go to?

A: JSC formally adopted a Complaints Procedure to resolve issues that may arise. The key is to deal with the issue at the lowest level, letting the people involved find common ground, with the assistance of a mediator or facilitator. Please review section 8.3 of the Policies & Procedures Manual to read the specifics about the process.

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