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Our Mission: to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of
Juneau’s youth through the sport of soccer at all levels and ages.

Our Vision: Juneau’s youth will be prepared to responsibly tackle life’s challenges on and off the pitch.

Next Board Meeting:


Board Meetings are open to the public, feel free to attend.

If you are a new member, welcome!

If you are a returning member, welcome back!

The 2014-15 season is about to begin in the Wells Fargo Dimond Park Field House on October 1.

Here are some things to look forward to and keep in mind for Juneau Soccer Club this year:

  • Week night sessions in the fall (October-December) will be run at the Dimond Park Field House as follows:
















JSC 11/10/09/08/07

JSC 03/02/01 B&G




JSC 05/04/03 B&G



JSC 06/05/04 B&G



JSC 02/01 G



JSC 02/01 B

B= Boys, G=Girls - Please refer to the JSC Membership page and JSC Schedules page for greater detail.  Attendance of these sessions is not required, but we do know that the more a player gets touches on the ball, the better they become!

  • Weekend team sessions are done on a somewhat rotational basis so as to try and make our schedule flexible for better membership attendance. For the fall, team practices will be run at the Dimond Park Field House as follows:




8-5 pm







Refer to the JSC Schedules page for one’s age-group for their specific JSC Soccer schedule.  We use Google calendars which for many smart-phones is easy to add and follow.  When a JSC player cannot attend their weekend team practice, they should contact their team coach in advance and let them know.  Late Saturday and Sunday practice times should allow members to participate in JSC programming and still participate in supplemental P&R programming.

  • Goalkeeper training will be held during the weekend for our JSC Competitive Program age-groups (JSC 05-97).  This is a supplemental training for those interested in Goalkeeper training; players should still attend their team practice as well.
  • In order to help continue the technical development for our players within the club, JSC will be using the iSoccer technical assessment and online video training platform to help improve and track technical development. This is a great tool for players to utilize with and away from their team.  JSC 05-96 competitive players will have full access to iSoccer.  Expect to hear more about this program this year!
  • The fall JSC 3v3 World Cup will occur over the weekend of November 22/23.  Look for details soon from your local school, or check back on the JSC webpage closer to that date.
  • We'll look to have our spring exchange with Whitehorse in April. This will be an event our JSC 05-01’s will look to attend in Whitehorse.  Make sure to attend team meetings so as not to miss this event.
  • We’ll look to have our summer exchange with Whitehorse at the end of June.  This time Whitehorse comes to us and plays in “friendlies” with us.  Make sure to attend team meetings so as not to miss this event.
  • JSC will once again look into bringing knowledgeable guest coaches into town in late June for a local camp experience for Juneau soccer players.
  • JSC is focused exclusively on the Academy/Development/Competitive team programs. We are no longer associated with JDHS and TMHS high school interscholastic programs.  The role of JSC at the HS ages is to continue to offer training opportunities to this age-group regardless of their HS affiliation.
  • In the summer, we hope to host another Sister City Shootout outdoor tournament with Whitehorse teams and will try to attract teams from Sitka and Ketchikan as well.
  • Competitive teams often plan ahead for summer travel opportunities.  Each age-group works collectively (coaches, players and parents) to make travel decisions.  It takes a lot of work and effort to travel out of Juneau - make sure you attend meetings to stay in the know about your team. 

Juneau Soccer Club is primarily a volunteer organization. A successful year putting on events and running fundraisers requires lots of help from club members. Check the club website for ways you can volunteer and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Registration Is Open for the 2014-2015 Season

In order to simplify the registration process, the Juneau Soccer Club maintains an online registration for the season. 

Please Note:

  1. There are two forms of payment for registration: credit card or check. If you choose to pay by check, please bring it to the Dimond Park Field House with your paperwork.  Please DO NOT MAIL THE CHECK.  In the past, soccer club participants were able to pay a portion of their registration fees at the beginning of the season, and then fundraise for the remaining balance, this practice has changed. All dues will be due at the time of registration. This is similar to Gastineau Swim Club, Gastineau Little League, Juneau Youth Football League and even CBJ Parks and Rec. The reasoning behind this is multi-faceted; however the largest reason is due to book keeping. The amount of time and energy it takes our volunteer treasurers (Board and Team) is too great. Keep in mind any money in your athlete's account currently may be used to fund this upcoming season's fees. Just contact your team treasurer to make this happen. Additionally, there will still be many fundraising opportunities throughout the year to fund travel, camps or next year's season fees.

  2. Please register based on your child's actual birth date. In the event that they "play-up", register your child in the age-group according to their birth date and then contact us via e-mail. Please DO NOT ENTER AN IMPROPER BIRTH DATE as this complicates things later. Please refer to our play up policies noted in our Policies and Procedures before making a request or contact the Director of Coaching listed on the JSC website under coaches.

  3. Upon completion of your registration, you will be asked to print out and sign needed forms. During the first two weeks of JSC sessions, we will have someone collecting forms and payment at the entryway of the Field House. These forms will need to be handed in prior to participation. If you sign up but do not attend practice until after the second week, please drop off the forms at the JSC drop box located at the Field House.

Before proceeding, please review this brief Registration Cheat Sheet.

After you've read the Cheat Sheet, click on the link below to start the registration process.


For any questions regarding the registration process contact Stacie Bentley at
or (907) 321-2581

JSC Needs Your Help!

    Need more Coaches - Need more Board Members


Coaches are the lifeblood of any youth soccer program and JSC has been privileged to have so many talented and experienced coaches in the past years.  As many know, some of our coaches have moved out of Juneau and some others are looking to concentrate on other aspects of their busy lives for a time. 

JSC is always seeking prospective coaches to help expand the services level of training to our players.  We have available spots for both head coaches and assistant coaches. 

Please look at the recruiting sheet for coaches(Flyer-Click Here) and if you know of a likely candidate, pass the JSC Coaches flyer on to them or simply contact anyone in the list below and let us know how to reach the candidate.

Coach Recruiting Committee:

 Director of Coaching - Matt Dusenberry  586-3053

Board Members:

Carl Ferlauto  321-2275

Tommy Penrose  723-9316

Ami Reifenstein  723-2082

Jenny Huntley  321-2606

Mike Knapp  463-5051

Lori Day  500-8688

Brad Campbell  209-8586

Dirk Miller     957-0616

See our jerseys, warmup pants, shorts, jackets and more at the Juneau Soccer Club Store

JSC 3v3 event website can be found by clicking here 



The JSC  program is partially funded by the citizens of the City and Borough of Juneau through sales tax revenues.